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He also assured the forum of  his Ministry’s and the government commitment to support in the empowerment and promotion of human rights and press freedom in which  he referred to the recent approval by cabinet, the Digital Broadcasting Policy (DBP) ushered in the liberalization of the television sub-sector.

Tap notify me and you can get a location when the person leaves a location or arrives at one. Google+ location sharing on android and check this out iphone. Also on the delivering of welcoming remarks at this occasion, Mr. Ebrima Njie the Deputy Director at the Department of Information services (DOIS), expressed that for the past 22 years, The Gambia had experienced an onslaught on freedom of expression and human rights.

He further elaborated that the Gambia Press Union and partners continued their efforts to ensure that Gambians regain their lost freedom of expression and among others. 

Set your own custom water goal. “The defeat of the former government in the December polls ushering in progress and democratic government was indeed a watershed in our history. It has afforded us the opportunity to rebuild our nation in line with democratic principles and good governance to facilitate socio economic recovery.”

Leaks, the true status of the two men was kept secret by authoritative sources. For many years, and there was no deviation from the cover story for two. Contrary to the public histories that claim the cia. Partners of the GPU, Mr. Sulemana Braimah, Executive Director of MFWA, Mr. Finn Rasmussen, Head of Department for Africa, IMS, and Mr. Lars Moller, of GAMES, all expressed their delight and gratitude on how far the media in the Gambia has come and the important role it plays in the development of the country. Moreover, they all pledged their continued support for the GPU and the Gambia as a whole. 

Other speakers include representatives from UNESCO, ECOWAS, EU, and UNDP all expressed their delight on the recent developments of the media sector in the Gambia. 


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