e-mail trainingAfter the successful migration of e-mail service to the new e-Government Data Centre, the Ministry of Information & Communication Infrastructure (MOICI) as an implementing partner of UNDP funded e-Government programme decided to conduct a one (1) orientation/training for government employees. The training is focused to sensitize users on its functionalities, features and internal policies in order to fully utilize the new e-mail platform.

MOICI invited 23 Ministries/Departments to send 10 participants to the said training since the venue - ICT Training Centre, can only accommodate such number of trainees. Please see Annex A for the schedule. The one-day orientation/training on .gov.gm e-mail service started on September 7 and supposed to end on October 7, 2011, but due to changes in schedule of some agencies and the addition of 2 more agencies, it was extended until October 19.

The goals of the training:

  1. To teach participants how to use the new e-mail platform (basic & advance aspects of Microsoft Outlook Web App)
  2. Encourage the use & build confidence in using .gov.gm e-mail service
  3. Be familiar with internal e-mail policies

The training adopted a combination of lecture and hands-on approach (please see Annex B) and it was composed of 5 modules, namely:

♦  Basic of Outlook Web App (OWA)

Other Features of OWA

Knowing Various Options

Maintaining Your e-Mail and other Considerations

Q&A, Wrapping up and Mapping the Way Forward

Results of the training are highlighted below:

  1. After the training, a total of 1,147 e-mail accounts (or approx 38%) were created against approx. 3,000 government employees
  2. From the original 23 agencies invited, it was increased to 26 agencies.
  3. After the completion of the training, a total of 224 staff were trained out of 260 targeted participants (10 staff per agency). Or an achievement rate of 86.15%.
  4. From the total participants, 85 (38%) are female and 139 (62%) are male.
  5. From the total participants, 22 (11%) belongs to senior management, 121 (59%) belongs to middle management, while 62 (30%) belongs to lower management)


Hon. Demba A. Jawo 

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Call for comments on the registry model for “.GM”

Please click below read, download document and send your comments to dotgm-at-moici.gov.gm .



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