1.  Introduction

This Scheme of Service covers professional and non-professional officers working in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) function of the Government of the Gambia. The Scheme groups together all officers who have acquired professional and sub- professional skills in ICT found in all Ministries and Departments of the Civil Service.
The Head of the Cadre is the Director of ICT who will report to the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Information and Communication Infrastructure (MOICI) .The Director will coordinate all ICT activities within the Government. The position of Deputy Director could be created in other Ministries depending on the need(i.e. volume of ICT related work and number of ICT staff in that particular Ministry).
Recruitment and Selection into the Cadre will be initiated by the Director of ICT in consultation with the Permanent Secretary MOICI and the relevant User Ministry and will be subject to approval by the Public Service Commission. There are five (5) grades within the professional group and two (2) within the sub-professional category. 


2.  Objectives

The main objectives for the Scheme are to:

a.  To provide a clearly defined job descriptions and specifications with clear delineation of duties and responsibilities at all levels within the career structure to enable officers understand the requirements and demands of their job.

b.  To establish standards for recruitment, training and advancement within the career structure on the basis of qualification, knowledge of the job, merit and ability as reflected in work performance results.

c.  To ensure appropriate career planning and succession management.


3.    Functions

The functions of the Cadre include:


a.  Coordinate ICT activities, programme and project implementation, ICT professional networking within the Ministry/Department/Agency he/she is assigned and throughout the Government

b.  Advice and held in managing and maintaining all the electronic operating systems, procurement of ICT equipment and software.

c.  Assist and advise the Ministry/Department/Agency on ICT policies and ensuring their implementation.

d.  Participate the formulation and updating of the National ICT Strategic Plan and its related activities

e. Assist/Support in the efficient implementation of e-Government Strategies and Action Plan as well as the NICI plan, policies and strategies.

Non professional

a. Support the professional group in coordinating ICT activities, programme and project implementation, ICT professional networking within the Ministry/Department/Agency he/she is assigned and throughout the Government.

4.  Administration of the Scheme

The head of the Cadre is the Director ICT. He/ She is responsible for the preparation of manpower proposals and training plans for the Cadre as per the Scheme of Service and ensure its incorporation into the Centralized Training Budget. In this role, he/she works in consultation with the Permanent Secretary, MOICI. The Head of the cadre and the PS, MOICI will administer the implementation of the training plan assisted by the training committee as indicated in the Training Policy. Similarly, recruitment and promotion of personnel within the Cadre is handled by him/her in consultation with PS, MOICI, the PS of the Ministry concerned and the Public Service Commission.

Officers of the Cadre will be responsible both professionally and administratively to heads of department whose Ministry they are posted to. Discipline within the cadre will be based on guidelines laid down by the Public Services Commission’s regulations and other legal frame works.

The Head of cadre in consultation with other Permanent Secretary, MOICI and PS, PMO will review the Scheme of Servicefor at least every four years.


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