Speaking at the Opening Ceremony which was covered by GRTS and other Media, DPS (Deputy Permanent Secretary) Finance & Admin Mr. Saul Njie and DPS (Deputy Permanent Secretary) Information Service Mr. Malik Jones of MOICI delivered the opening remarks urging the participants to take the training seriously and make use of the resources they have at their disposal to develop themselves with the skills needed for writing rich Web Contents, and also on the tools required for managing the websites of their various ministries.On his part, Mr. Malik Jones emphasized the importance of reading saying this will increase one’s vocabulary which also helps in writing good articles that are to be posted on Websites.

Speaking for GTMI, Mr. Malick Bah the Head of Admin, welcomed the participants and commended MOICI for having the confidence in choosing GTMI as the venue for this important training. He assured the participants of the institute’s support throughout the training.

The training started with participants being introduced with the basics of MS Word, MS Excel and PowerPoint as they are the most commonly used programs for writhing articles.


During this training, three Web development committees were formed consisting of ICT Officers from the ICT Cadet to conduct trainings on the following topic: Drupal, Content management, Email and ICT security.

At the end of the training, participants expressed their gratitude to MOIC for organizing this timely and educative training which has helped them to fully understand the importance of Web Content Management and Development. Before the closing of the training, the participants suggested that it will be very good for them if related trainings are conducted in timely and continued process.


Hon. Demba A. Jawo 

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Call for comments on the registry model for “.GM”

Please click below read, download document and send your comments to dotgm-at-moici.gov.gm .



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