Directorate of ICT

The Government of The Gambia is committed to the utilization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools; development or acquisition of application and system software; acquisitions of hardware equipment; construction of computer networks; and development of Internet technologies for meaningful socio-economic transformation.

The Primary Roles of the Cadre:

➢ Co-ordinate ICT activities throughout the Government.

➢ Advise and help in managing and maintaining all the electronic operating systems.

➢ Assist and advise Government on ICT policies and ensuring their implementation.

➢ Ensure that Government services go online through networking and linking departments.


➢ Attract into the Cadre people with the required ability, ambition and integrity through the provision of a well-defined career structure in ICT activities.

➢ Ensure uniformity of standards, procedure and quality of work for the delivery of an effective and efficient service in the areas of information, communication and technology services.

➢ Prescribe realistic qualification requirements, training and promotion criteria to maintain professional standards.