e-Readiness Assessment for the Government Sector

The Ministry of Information and Communication Infrastructure (MOICI) has embarked the 1st e-Readiness Assessment for the Government Sector on June 2009. The main objective of the assessment for the Government Sector of the Gambia is to gauge the state of ICT preparation in order to come up with workable ideas for the successful implementation of ICT programmes and projects.

The e-Readiness Assessment Report is structured in such a way that the reader will initially have a “bird’s eye-view” of the status of ICT development in The Gambia. Then, as it is explained in detail in the later part of the report, one will clearly figure out how the government sector performs and how soon will it become “e-ready” to join the network world.

From the result of the survey, it could be observed that ICT development in the Gambia has improved significantly over the past five years. This is due to the vigorous spending in new technologies by communication companies, increased donor assistance in the implementation of ICT projects and initiatives, increased opportunities to enhance human resources for an enabling ICT environment.

The 2009 e-Readiness Survey includes 41 national agencies and 17 regional government agencies in terms of readiness in ICT infrastructure, ICT Access, ICT Usage and Human Resources. Specifically, the survey focuses on strengths, weaknesses and challenges of ICT penetration and utilization in the government sector of the country.

Financial assistance for this survey was provided by UNDP under the “Support to the National e-Government Strategy” project.

Click HERE to download the 2009 e-Readiness Assessment Report.

After 5 years, MOICI’s ICT Team has conducted its 2nd e-Readiness Assessment for the Government Sector with an addition of 8 respondents. This was conducted on July 2013 and was funded by MOICI’s internal budget.

Writing of 2013 e-Readiness Assessment Report is now on progress and will be posted on this site after its validation by stakeholders.