Department of Information Services

The Department of Information Services (DOIS) is a fundamental department in the Ministry of Information and Communication Infrastructure (MODCE). The previously named government Information Services (GIS) pre-dates the coming into being of the First Republic. The GIS was transformed into the Department of Information and Broadcasting Services in the 1990s and it is now known as DOIS.

DOIS main focus:

➢  To be the mouthpiece of government by providing the appropriate information in an efficient and attractive manner.

➢  To portray the rightful image of its officials, its institutions, its stakeholders and partners in development.

➢  To highlight the goals and vision accomplishments of respective Ministries.

According to DOIS’s mandate, “The role of the information services (GIS) is to ensure that news regarding government’s actions and government information reaches every corner of the country accurately, speedily and comprehensively.


link to website: DOIS