National Development Plan

The Gambia is at the cusp of a historic transi on brought on by a ground breaking development on 2nd December 2016, when the Gambian people voted out of o ce the former President Yaya Jammeh who ruled the country for 22 years.

During that period, The Gambia’s governance landscape was characterized by a system of arbitrary one-person rule, which subjugated the popula on to gross human rights viola ons, terror and serious abuses of o ce. Similarly, on the security front, the armed services did not play their part in upholding the cons tu on and defending the sovereign will of Gambians. Consequently, government with the support of partners (United Na ons, European Union and Economic Community of West African States) has embarked upon a security sector reform aimed at bringing the security services under full democra c civilian control.

There is a direct correla on between the denial of fundamental freedoms and the bad governance that existed under the previous regime on the one hand, and the dire economic and social situa on inherited by the new government on the other.

Thankfully, with the help of providence, the determina on of the country’s ci zens, the e orts of the new government, as well as the assistance of the interna onal community that dark chapter in Gambia’s history is now a thing of the past.

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